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The Adventures of Cole and Riley series was born from a dream!  Imagine waking up one day with a whole story for an illustrated children's book playing out in your mind.  That's what happened!  The author is also the illustrator.  With the motivation to make stories that would help the youngest member of the family learn, we set out to make the first story as a book become a reality.  With the help of family, the book series, web site, and social media pages were born.  

The Adventures of Cole and Riley is a family endeavor, and relays the interesting personality differences that the actual pups display while teaching children about the world around them.  Riley is high-energy and mischievous, while Cole is a bit more relaxed and less prone to get into trouble.  Cole will sit down and loves to be pet, while Riley rarely sits still and searches and searches for a way to get into trouble!  Cole will often run up and try to stop Riley from doing something he shouldn't be doing (like chewing on shoes).  And when they are scolded Cole shows remorse, while Riley returns happily to the task of being mischievous.  Throughout the book series, these personality traits and more serve to help illustrate important points to young readers.

Some Fun Facts:

Cole and Riley were born in March of 2015.

Cole and Riley are Yorkie-Poo puppies. Half yorkshire terrier, and half poodle. They have hair and do not shed, though they get quite fluffy and need to have haircuts regularly.  

Both Cole and Riley have white patches on their chests.  Cole has a white goatee (a small white streak under his chin), while  Riley has a small white streak on top of his head.  

Cole and Riley are actually brothers, and littermates!  Cole displays more of the terrier traits, and Riley displays more poodle traits.  As they grow, by comparison to each other, Cole is shorter and stockier while Riley is getting taller.  Riley looks bigger, but they both weigh about the same! Although Cole looks smaller, he is lower to the ground and often wins at tug-of-war.  Cole is also very fast, and can turn much quicker than Riley though Riley's longer legs seem to give him a slight advantage in a straight line race.  

Each evening, Cole loves to run as fast as he can making his own obstacle course.  He goes over things, under things, and around things as fast as he can with Riley usually trying to catch him.  Riley often takes short-cuts to head Cole off and catch him because whenever he gets close, Cole will turn on a dime and get away.  Cole can also dive under things quickly, while Riley bumps his head trying to catch up!


Latest Book Title

The Day Cole and Riley Wanted a Job

The Day Cole and Riley Wanted a Job

In this adventure Riley, the dreamer, searches for the perfect job while Cole, the voice of reason, guides their way. Readers learn a valuable lesson about the important roles dogs can play in the lives of people.


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